Can people really change?  The simple answer is no.  This is reaffirmed to me again and again.  I LOVE seeing changed lives and I engage in all kinds of activities to try to be the part of witnessing changed lives.  What I’m coming to realize though is that no one, including myself, is capable of change without Christ being a part of it.  People can choose to change with their mind, but the mind eventually tells you lies and becomes weak.  People choose to change with their emotions, but emotions change daily, and we won’t always FEEL like changing.  Ultimately, change comes from a surrendered will to God, “not my will, Lord, but Yours be done.”

This can become quite discouraging because you will think someone has begun to make the right choices, and change is evident, but then they are right back to where they were before.  You can give someone the tools to change but it is up to them to grab hold of the tools and use them.  You can plant the seed of Christ’s love in someone, but it is up to them to allow that seed to establish roots and grow.  We are responsible only for what we have been led to do.  We are not responsible for the decisions the other person makes. 

So, do I move on from those that are not making the right choices?  Not if the Lord tells me to continue to invest in them.  God is the one responsible for the change in people, but we are His hands, feet, and voice to help bring that change to people.  It takes a surrender of a will and an act of God to bring change about in a life and it takes commitment to continue to surrender your will to do the work of Christ. 

I must pay attention, take a stand, not compromise.  I must engage, participate, and be determined.  I must be certain and resolute in my commitment.  There are many ways to fall but only one way to stand.  I must not be weak or passive.  I must engage my will and step up.  I can’t be indifferent, and I must remember that there is a lot on the line and life is short.  I must live for Jesus.  I must make the choice.  I don’t know where this whole life is taking me exactly, but I want to stand for Him.