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Katrina is “Juror #11” and has learned how to RISE through life’s trials. After serving on the jury for a murder trial, she was charged with contempt of court and endured months of trauma, the threat of jail, and thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees. She is also an adoptive mother of children from trauma and an advocate for others without voices in society. She decided to turn her lemons into lemonade and write a book about her experience with the justice system and share some heartbreaking situations with her kids.

Her book became a #1 new release in several categories when first published and went on to win a gold medal in the Non-Fiction Book Awards through the Non-Fiction Author’s Association. The book then became a finalist in the category of Memoirs and Autobiographies through the International Book Awards. She was overwhelmed that God could use her story to inspire courage, selflessness, and steadfastness. Doors then began to open for her to spread her story on the stage as well; speaking life into her listeners as she shows indestructible hope rising out of the ashes of tragedy.

Katrina calls Hot Springs, Arkansas home. She graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in accounting in 1999. With that, she worked in public and private accounting for several years before she decided to obtain her licenses in the securities industry and become an investment advisor. She’s been working with a local wealth management company since 2007 where she serves as their Chief Compliance Officer.

She has volunteered in many capacities to advocate for children in the foster care system and plays an active role in her church and community. She and her husband adopted three boys, two from foster care and one as an adult, they also have two biological children and countless others she is a “mom” to in some capacity.



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    • When Faith Isn’t Enough – Scripture says that all you need is faith as small as a mustard seed. What if you have that, but yet God doesn’t seem to “come through” for you? Is your faith really not “good enough”, does God not see you, hear you….? 

    • When You Chase Your Dreams and It All Falls Apart – Has God planted a vision in your heart, a dream to set out for, and even seemed to help set things in motion for you? But then….it all falls apart? Did you miss something? Did you not hear from God correctly? Is He not interested in giving you the desires of your heart that it seems He’s the one that put them there to begin with? What do you do now?

    • What Does A Proverbs 31 Woman Look Like Today? – As women, we are all pointed to Proverbs 31 as where to turn to learn how to be a “Godly woman”. But is that even attainable and what does that look like in the 21st century? If selecting your own wool and flax and then making your own bed covers is daunting to you, let’s dig and see what this means for us today.

    • How To RISE Out Of Great Tribulations – The phone call comes through, you read a text that pops up on your screen, you hesitate to open the email, or you hold the envelope with shaking hands. We’ve all been there, that moment when life seems to sucker punch you and you find yourself at the beginning of a “great tribulation”. Where do you go from there? How can you rise after the devastation?

    • Is My Child A Prodical Because Of Me? – Nothing hurts a woman’s heart more than watching a child walk down a self-destructive path. It’s a pain you can feel in your bones. Did you not pray enough? Were you too strict? Maybe you weren’t involved enough with them at school? How do you keep this pain from consuming you?

    • Raising Children From Trauma In Foster Care – Parenting children is no joke. Parenting a child from a traumatic background takes things to a whole new level. I had read ALL the books but nothing can prepare you adequately for when you move them into your home. There is not much I have not encountered in behaviors and there isn’t a story you can tell me that would cause me to cast judgment on you. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m here to discuss the hard.

    • I Forgive Them But Do I Have To Invite Them To Dinner? – We are commanded to forgive, it’s not optional. What does this mean though, and what is our responsibility in it? Many are mistaken about what forgiving is and looks like and that’s the reason so many struggle to do it.

    • Can People Really Change? – I LOVE seeing changed lives and I engage in all kinds of activities to try to be a part of witnessing changed lives.  It’s discouraging when you make the investment and there’s no change though. Did you waste your time? Are they even capable of change?
    • Being In The Center Of God’s Will Is The LEAST Safe Place You Can Be Yep, I said it! If you want to expose yourself to even more risk, jump right into the center of God’s will! Why in the world would you choose to do that then? Well, let’s talk about that!
    • Love Hurts – .…and the greatest of these is love….all you need is love….. It’s in the scriptures and in song lyrics. Social media leaves us convinced love always feels good. But what about when it doesn’t?

    • When Our Feelings Don’t Align With The TruthEmotions….man, they can be brutal can’t they? They are vicious and come in giant waves sometimes. From the highest euphoria to the lowest devastation. They scream at you things contradictory to what you’ve read and heard are true. How do you reconcile this?
    • Obedience Sometimes Brings Disappointment –  You’ve been faithful, sooo faithful. What do you do when it seems the result of that faithfulness is only a broken heart and disappointment? Do you continue being faithful?
    • When Your Prayers Aren’t WorkingAsk and you shall receive, you have not because you ask not….want me to add more? Have you ever wondered if maybe you aren’t praying right, you’re not good enough, or your faith is not strong enough? Do you keep praying or give God the silent treatment?

    • I’m Not Thankful For That! We are supposed to be thankful for everything, right? Joy-filled Christians, right? But what if you aren’t thankful, not even in the least? Can you still have a testimony for the Lord?