Waiting….this is one thing that I am HORRIBLE at.  I truly believe that I have some form of ADD.  It’s nearly impossible for me to just “wait” for anything.  I’m a doer by nature and when I want something, I go make it happen.  You will never find my hands or my mind idle during the day and most of the time I’m doing several things at once.  If there is something I must wait for, then I quickly busy myself with something else till what I’m waiting for is ready.  Usually though, I am also busy speeding up the process of what I’m waiting for.  There are some things though that there is no way of getting around waiting for or speeding up the process for.  There are some things that happen only in God’s divine timing.  I can pray, plead, do all that I know the Lord has instructed but yet….He has me waiting.  It’s then that I take a deep breath and force myself to continue to trust.  These waiting times can be tough.  You’re not really in crises mode, not on one of those mountain tops, you’re just waiting for the Lord to make His move.  I keep checking His Word and making sure I’ve done all I know I’m supposed to do so I know the hold-up isn’t because of me.  But no, it is the Lord’s turn to move. 

I thought I would look up some verses on waiting for the Lord and boy did I find out I wasn’t alone.  If you do the search yourself, you will find example after example of people that found themselves waiting to know what their next move should be.  During their times of waiting though the Lord did not want them just sitting on their thumbs.  He still expected them to be serving and loving others.    I don’t believe He wanted them to lose sight of that which He gave them the desire for though.  He just wanted them to continue to place that burden on Him and trust Him.  Maybe it’s an exercise of faith He puts us through.  By continuing to place it in His hands, we also don’t worry about it. 

A prayer in one of my Bible studies went like this:  I know who I am, Lord.  I know what I can’t do.  I know what I can’t change.  I know what I can’t work on.  Lord, I know my capacity.  This is a good prayer for me right now as I place the burden in the Lord’s hands.

 But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, 
   I wait for God my Savior; 
   my God will hear me. ~Micah 7:7 I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, 
   and in his word I put my hope. ~Psalm 130:5